Your Complete Guide to Get Lexus Cars in Dubai - One of the Most Luxurious Options in UAE
Your Complete Guide to Get Lexus Cars in Dubai - One of the Most Luxurious Options in UAE

Your Complete Guide to Get Lexus Cars in Dubai – One of the Most Luxurious Options in UAE

Dubai is a great place for luxury car lovers, as it has become a global center for trading in all types of cars at competitive prices.

If you want to buy your car or are an international car dealer looking to add some luxury Lexus cars to your fleet of cars,

In this guide, we’ll explore the different aspects of buying a Lexus in Dubai, from the booming car market to how to export a car from the UAE.

Overview of the Cars Market in The UAE

Dubai’s car market is a bustling hub for new and used vehicles. The city is known for its strict car maintenance and roadworthiness regulations, ensuring that new and pre-owned cars are in excellent condition.

In Dubai, you can find everything from economic models to luxury cars, with many dealerships and private sellers providing a vast selection of options.

Due to expatriates frequently relocating, the high turnover of cars means there are always great deals to be found on used cars.

The lower depreciation rates for used cars make them a cost-effective choice for buyers.

Overview of the Cars Market in The UAE

Lexus cars are a top choice for many buyers in Dubai due to their luxury, reliability, and performance. Here’s why they stand out in the UAE’s automotive market:

  1. Luxury and Craftsmanship: Lexus is known for its attention to detail and luxurious finishes. High-quality materials and advanced technology make every Lexus model elegant and sophisticated.
  2. Reliability: Lexus vehicles are built to last, and their engines offer exceptional performance and longevity. Both new and pre-owned Lexus cars provide a dependable driving experience.
  3. Advanced Technology: Lexus cars feature state-of-the-art technology, including advanced safety features and cutting-edge infotainment systems, which enhance driving and passenger comfort.
  4. High Resale Value: Lexus cars maintain a high resale value due to their excellent build quality and reliability, making them a wise investment.
  5. Comprehensive Aftersales Services: Lexus offers extensive aftersales services, including routine maintenance and major repairs, ensuring your car remains in top condition.
Why Lexus Cars Are Popular in Dubai

New Lexus Car Prices in Dubai

When purchasing a new Lexus in Dubai, several factors can influence the price:

  • Model and Specifications: Higher-end models with more advanced features will naturally cost more.
  • Market Demand: High demand for specific models can increase prices, while less popular models may be more affordable.
  • Dealership Offers: Promotions and discounts from dealerships can also affect the final price of a new Lexus.

Here are the price ranges for some popular new Lexus models in Dubai:

  • Lexus LX 600: AED 389,995 – AED 755,000
  • Lexus RX 350: AED 172,000 – AED 308,000
  • Lexus ES 300: AED 170,000 – AED 195,000
  • Lexus NX 350: AED 182,000 – AED 240,000
  • Lexus RX 500h: AED 259,000 – AED 300,000

Used Lexus Car Prices in Dubai

Buying a used Lexus can be a cost-effective way to own a luxury vehicle. Several factors affect the prices of used Lexus cars:

  • Age and Mileage: Older cars and those with higher mileage are generally cheaper.
  • Condition: The car’s overall condition and service history can impact its price. Well-maintained cars tend to be more expensive.
  • Market Supply and Demand: The availability of specific models and the demand for them can influence prices.

Here’s a list of starting and maximum prices for some popular used Lexus models in Dubai:

  • Lexus LX 600: AED 475,000 – AED 520,000
  • Lexus GX 460: AED 84,000 – AED 217,000
  • Lexus ES 300h: AED 130,000 – AED 140,000
  • Lexus RX 450h: AED 63,000 – AED 226,500
  • Lexus RX 350: AED 47,000 – AED 184,990
  • Lexus IS 300: AED 64,000 – AED 144,000

Top Lexus Models in Dubai

Formula Auto offers a range of top Lexus models to cater to diverse customer preferences. Here are some of our standout Lexus vehicles:

Top Lexus Models in Dubai
  • Lexus IS 300 AWD 3.5L V6 PTR A/T 2022: 

This model features an all-wheel-drive system, a powerful V6 engine, and luxurious interior options. It’s perfect for those seeking a blend of performance and comfort.

Lexus IS 300 AWD 3.5L V6 PTR A/T 2022: 
  • Lexus LS 500 F Sport 3.5L AWD PTR A/T 2021: 

Known for its sporty design and advanced features, the LS 500 F Sport offers a dynamic driving experience with top-tier luxury.

Lexus LS 500 F Sport 3.5L AWD PTR A/T 2021: 
  • Lexus LX 600 3.5L PTR SUV 4WD PRESTIGE 2023: 

This SUV combines robust off-road capabilities with a luxurious interior, which is ideal for city driving and adventurous journeys.

Exporting a Lexus Car from Dubai

Exporting a Lexus car from Dubai can be seamless with the right knowledge and preparation. Here’s how to navigate it smoothly:

Shipping Options for Exporting a Lexus

  • Sea Freight: This is the most cost-effective option. You can choose between:

Dedicated Container: Rent an entire container for your car, allowing you to include personal belongings.

Consolidation Container: Share a container with other vehicles, reducing costs.

RO-RO (Roll On, Roll Off): Your car is driven onto a specialized ship and secured for transport.

  • Air Freight: The fastest and most secure method, ideal for high-end luxury cars. Though more expensive, it ensures quick and safe delivery.
  • Land Transport: This method is suitable for GCC countries. Vehicles can be transported via recovery trucks or driven across borders if they are close enough.

Required Paperwork

Before exporting a Lexus, ensure you have the following documents:

  • Export Certificate: Issued by the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) after a vehicle inspection.
  • Vehicle Clearance Certificate: Confirms the car is free of liens.
  • Insurance Documents: Proof of insurance coverage.
  • Identification: Copies of your passport and visa.
  • Destination Details: Address and contact information in the destination country.
  • Bill of Lading: Required for sea and air transport.
  • RTA Documentation: Registering the vehicle export online or via service providers is necessary.
Exporting a Lexus Car from Dubai

Formula Auto: Your Way to Find The Best Lexus Cars in Dubai

Looking for the best Lexus car prices in Dubai? Look no further than Formula Auto. Since 2010, we’ve been the premier choice for auto re-export and supply chain services, focusing on quality and customer satisfaction.

We excel in exporting cars worldwide. Our strong relationships with dealerships in over 100 countries and our status as a regional trade hub make us leaders in auto re-export solutions.

With over 15 years of experience, our expert team and extensive network guarantee a comprehensive re-export service, from purchase to shipping and clearance.

Discover the best Lexus car prices in Dubai and experience exceptional service Today!


How much is a Lexus car in Dubai?

New Lexus car prices in Dubai range from AED 172,000 to AED 755,000, depending on the model and specifications. Used Lexus car prices start from AED 47,000 and go up to AED 520,000.

Is a Lexus a luxury?

Yes, Lexus is considered a luxury car brand known for its attention to detail, luxurious finishes, and advanced technology.

Why Lexus is popular in Dubai?

Lexus cars are popular in Dubai due to their luxury, reliability, and performance. They are known for their attention to detail, advanced technology, and high resale value.

Is a Lexus an expensive Toyota?

While Lexus is Toyota’s luxury division, Lexus cars are generally priced higher than Toyota vehicles due to their luxury features and advanced technology.

Why are cars so cheap in the UAE?

Cars in the UAE can be relatively inexpensive due to low import duties, high competition among dealerships, and a high turnover of cars due to expatriates frequently relocating.

Why are luxury cars cheaper in Dubai?

Luxury cars can be cheaper in Dubai due to low import taxes, high competition among dealerships, and a large expatriate population that frequently buys and sells cars.

Are luxury cars cheaper in Dubai?

Yes, luxury cars can be cheaper in Dubai compared to many other countries due to low import taxes and high competition among dealerships.

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