Ultimate Guide to Exporting Cars from Dubai
Ultimate Guide to Exporting Cars from Dubai

Ultimate Guide to Exporting Cars from Dubai

Benefits of exporting cars from Dubai

Dubai serves as an international center for automobile commerce, presenting an extensive selection of both new and pre-owned vehicles from multiple manufacturers and styles. 

There are numerous advantages to exporting cars from Dubai, including:

  • Affordable car options: The car market in Dubai is highly competitive, leading to more attractive prices for consumers compared to other areas. 
    Additionally, the reduced taxes and nominal charges associated with vehicle registration and possession in Dubai contribute to a decrease in the total expense of purchasing a vehicle.
    Dubai enforces stringent rules and guidelines for vehicle upkeep and checks, guaranteeing that the automobiles are well-maintained and comply with the safety and ecological standards of the importing nation.
  • Simple Procedure: Dubai offers an uncomplicated and clear method for exporting cars, requiring a few key documents: a clearance certificate, a certificate for exporting the vehicle, and an insurance policy that covers the export plates
    The Road and Transport Authority (RTA) in Dubai ensures a smooth paperwork experience and offers support to both private individuals and companies wishing to ship vehicles from Dubai.
  • Variety of choices: In Dubai, there’s an extensive and varied selection of vehicles available, including high-end and performance vehicles to sport utility vehicles and pickups

Potential buyers have the opportunity to choose automobiles that align with their tastes and requirements, in addition to meeting the standards and rules of the country they’re importing to.

Ultimate Guide to Exporting Cars from Dubai

Challenges of exporting cars from Dubai

Shipping vehicles from Dubai comes with its own set of difficulties, for instance:

  1. Transporting vehicles over extensive ranges is a detailed and expensive process that necessitates meticulous organization and collaboration. 
    Purchasers must contemplate the mode of transportation, the duration of the journey, the procedures for customs clearance, and the specifics for receiving the vehicle upon arrival in the target nation.
  2. Documentation Process: Exporting vehicles out of Dubai requires extensive documentation and paperwork that can be quite a lengthy and monotonous task.
    Purchasers must secure all the requisite paperwork from several sources, including the Road and Transport Authority (RTA), the automobile dealership, their insurance provider, and the freight carrier. Additionally, they must adhere to the diverse set of laws and standards set by the receiving nation, which can differ based on the vehicle’s make and country of manufacture.
  3. Hazards: There are inherent dangers when it comes to exporting vehicles from Dubai, including potential harm, theft, or misplacement of the automobile while in transport, as well as the risk of deception or fraudulent activity from the car seller or the transport firm. 

It’s crucial for purchasers to exercise caution and be watchful in selecting a trustworthy car export firm and a reputable shipping service, and to confirm that they possess proper insurance and safeguards.

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How to Export a Car from Dubai

Shipping a vehicle out of Dubai encompasses several procedural stages, which include the completion of necessary documents and the payment of certain expenses. 

Below is a simplified outline of the typical sequence involved:

  1. Acquire a clearance certificate issued by the Road and Transport Authority (RTA) by providing them with your vehicle registration card, a photocopy of your passport, and a copy of your driving license. There is a charge of 120 AED for this service.
  2. Obtain a car export permit from the RTA by providing them with the clearance certificate, vehicle registration document, a photocopy of your passport, and a photocopy of your driver’s license. 
    The cost for the standard service is 70 AED, or you can opt for the expedited service, which costs 100 AED.
  3. Purchase a policy to insure your temporary export license plates, which have a 14-day validity period. 
    The cost for this insurance may differ from one provider to another.
  4. Mount the temporary export license plates onto your vehicle and personally drive it to your preferred cargo transporter. 
    If you prefer, you can organize a tow truck to collect your vehicle and deliver it to your chosen shipping service.
  5. Give the freight carrier the car export documentation, customs clearance, a photocopy of your passport, and any additional papers needed by the country you’re shipping to.
    The freight carrier will take care of clearing customs and organizing the shipment. Costs vary based on the method of shipment and the final location.

tips and advice on how to avoid common pitfalls and scams

Shipping a car out of Dubai might offer benefits, yet it’s not without its potential hazards and obstacles. To help steer clear of usual traps and frauds associated with car exports from Dubai, here is some guidance and recommendations:

  • Before exporting your vehicle, thoroughly investigate the destination country’s market trends, legal stipulations, and necessary criteria. Be aware that some nations may have limitations or bans on specific car models, or they might levy substantial taxes and fees on vehicles brought in from abroad.
  • Select a dependable and well-regarded vehicle export and shipping firm adept at car exportation from Dubai. Verify their qualifications, read through feedback and ask for recommendations. Stay clear of any deals that appear overly advantageous to be credible.
  • Safeguard your finances by investing in credit insurance, spreading out your exports across multiple markets, and opting for reliable payment options. Steer clear of cash payments or bank transfers, and ensure that you receive a documented proof of purchase and a formal agreement for each deal.
  • Safeguard yourself against societal hazards by adhering to the moral and lawful norms of Dubai as well as the country you are visiting. Steer clear of engaging in any form of bribery, corruption, terrorism, abuse of human rights, environmental degradation, or cybercrime.
  • Safeguard yourself against scams and the unauthorized use of your identity by ensuring your private and financial details remain safe and private. Refrain from divulging your security passwords, personal identification numbers, or authentication codes to others, and avoid interacting with dubious links or file attachments found in emails or text messages.
Challenges of exporting cars from Dubai

Export Options and Costs

Customers interested in exporting cars from Dubai have a variety of choices available, tailored to suit their financial capacity, personal taste, and intended location. 

The primary methods for exporting cars are as follows:

  1. Ocean transport is the most budget-friendly and commonly chosen method due to its capability to access ports globally. 
    Nevertheless, it’s the most time-consuming, possibly stretching into several weeks or months for vehicle delivery. 
    Buyers have the option of selecting either containerized transport or roll-on/roll-off (RoRo) service. 
    Transport by container offers greater protection and the opportunity to send additional goods with the vehicle, though it comes at a higher cost and involves more documentation. 
    On the other hand, RoRo service is more economical and straightforward, yet it leaves the vehicle open to weather conditions and risks such as damage or theft.
  2. Transporting by Air: Opting to send a vehicle by air is the quickest and most secure method, capable of getting the car to its location in just a few hours or days.
    Nonetheless, it is the priciest choice and might not be an option for every destination.
    Clients must reserve space on a freight aircraft that has the capacity for their vehicle and ensure it is fastened tightly. 
    Normally, this method is chosen for expensive or uncommon vehicles that require additional safeguarding and attention.
  3. Ground Transportation: This alternative is practical for destinations that are close by and have open border crossings and navigable roads. 
    Clients can choose to operate the vehicle personally or employ a tow service or lorry for the car’s conveyance. 
    Although this method is more economical and quicker compared to maritime or aeronautical transport, it comes with greater potential hazards and obstacles, including road congestion, collision risks, border control, and legal compliance.

estimated cost to import car from dubai

The expense of importing a vehicle from Dubai is influenced by multiple elements including the final location, the car’s model and worth, how it’s transported, applicable taxes and duties, and insurance coverage. 

The accompanying table outlines estimated shipping charges for importing a car from Dubai to various popular destinations and provides an approximation of the taxes and duties that are imposed based on the car’s value.

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How can I export my car from Dubai?

To export your car from Dubai, follow these steps:
Ensure your vehicle is road legal and safe.
Obtain an export certificate and export plates.
Prepare necessary paperwork, including police papers, insurance documents, and destination address.
Choose a shipping method (sea, air, or land).
Pay applicable duty fees based on the destination country.
Get your vehicle tested and registered in the UAE.

What cars are best to export from Dubai?

Popular cars for export from Dubai include luxury brands like Lexus, Mercedes-Benz, and BMW. Additionally, SUVs and off-road vehicles are in demand.

Is it possible to import a car from Dubai?

Yes, you can import a car from Dubai to other countries. Ensure compliance with safety and emission standards, and follow the import procedures specific to your destination

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